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UMMC is relentlessly implementing environmental policy, assessing and reducing environmental impact of its operations.

Many enterprises of UMMC were founded in the Soviet Union, with low environmental standards, poor environmental performance and significant negative impacts. Since its foundation UMMC is constantly working on the modernization of obsolete enterprises, improving environmental performance, eliminating the accumulated pollution, taking measures to restore the environment of surrounding areas.

Company complies with environmental standards at every stage of the production process: from mineral resource extraction and processing to the finished product. Environmental protection activities include implementation of clean and resource-saving technologies, installation of modern treatment facilities and structures, organization and improvement of sanitary-protection zones.

To achieve its goal UMMC invests in environmental protection up to 3 bln. RUB annually.

Оver past 10 years total volume of UMMC emissions were reduced more than 3-fold. Only Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter (SUMZ, Sverdlovsk region) during this period reduced emissions 9-fold, and now they are below average European level.

Every UMMC enterprise today is fully compliant with Russian environmental laws, many of them implement international standards of environmental management ISO 14001.