Coal company “Kuzbassrazresugol” increased volumes of coal mining.

Coal company “Kuzbassrazresugol” increased volumes of coal mining.


For the first 6 months of 2017 on coal extracting enterprises of JSC “Coal Company Kuzbassrazresugol” (enterprise of raw material complex UMMC) there was mined more than 22.9 mln. tons, including 3 mln. tons of coking coals. This exaggerates current planned indicators by 2% and is 5.3% more than for the same period of last year.

Half-year operational assignment was carried out with growth of performance indicators and key activities of Coal Company “Kuzbassrazresugol”. For instance, comparing to the similar period of 2016 a coal shipment to consumers – 20.9 mln tons (6.4% growth), including export – 15.2 mln. tons (4.4% growth), domestic supply – 5.7 mln.rub (12.3%). Ratio level of export and domestic supplies is planned to maintain during the year. 

Within 6 months of 2017 concentrators and coal company business units processed over 20,2 mln. tons of coal, which is higher than last year’s period by 4%. Share of processed coal in coal company “Kuzbassrazresugol” totaled 88.2% from total extraction volume.

“Production programme of 2017 stipulates the prolongation of company’s development strategy aimed to enhance the quality and competitiveness of products, as well as the increase of coal mining to 45.7 mln. tons” – states the director of Coal Company “Kuzbassrazresugol” Sergey Paramonov.

The economic gain of rationalization and innovation proposals at JSC “Uralelektromed” exceeded 14 mln.rub.