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26.02.13 | In 2012 JSC Uralelektromed invested 254 million rubles in an enforcement of environmental protection measures.

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk region)

Within the environmental management system (EMS) JSC Uralelektromed (the enterprise of the metallurgical company UMMC) summed up the environment work done last year. In general, for all the year round the enterprise invested 254 million rubles in measures implementation of environmental man-caused load reduction.

In 2012 sewage treatment management works on Verkhnyaya Pyshma industrial site were proceeded. There was also carried out a project design of sewage treatment system on the Polymetals production subsidiary industrial site in Kirovgrad. There was completed the north storm sewer unit construction in Verkhnyaya Pyshma and a storm and blow-down treatment site is being built. Its implementation will enable to stop completely untreated rainwater catchment discharge. This project management costs exceeded 42 million rubles.

Measures intended to efficient operation of gas treatment facilities and air pollution control were a separate area of work. In particular, there was replaced an arm set on anode furnace filter in the copper smelter of the Polymetals production subsidiary industrial site (Kirovgrad); there were implemented treatment facilities from slurry smelting reactor in the chemical and metallurgical plant; there was purchased and replaced about 20.000 filter arms in the amount of 26,6 million rubles; there were also replaced about 800 filter arms on the metallurgical plant treatment facilities of the Non-ferrous alloys production subsidiary.

One of the activities intended to waste handling improvement was a part slag processing of the metallurgical plant current production on the Polymetals production subsidiary (Kirovgrad). There were recycled 152 700 tons that is 36,5% of slag formation volume.

According to the certified ecological analytical laboratory of environmental protection department JSC Uralelektromed, pollutant emissions into environmental objects and waste production volume did not exceed the set limits.

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