The underground mine of Yubileynoye deposit received a new drill rig

The underground mine of Yubileynoye deposit received a new drill rig

Petropavlovskoye (Republic of Bashkortostan)

“Bashkirskaya med” (UMMC extraction and dressing sector) bought a new drill rig Sandvik DD 321 for Yubileynoye deposit underground mine.

The new machine is designed to strengthen the transport fleet of underground mining machinery. Currently, it is involved in the slope sinking at 415 - 435 levels and in the development of 415 level.

The machine is a two-boom jumbo, capable of smooth and efficient drilling of boreholes. The jumbo is provided with excellent access to all the main units, which makes it convenient for carrying out maintenance work and replacement of spare parts. All maintenance access points are easy to reach from the ground. The operator's cab is insulated, equipped with the most advanced electronics, air conditioning, and LED service lighting. The cost of new machine exceeds 25 mln. rubles.

This year, the main goal for miners is preparatory work at the 415 level of the Yubileynoye underground mine for the subsequent extraction of ore. With the help of the new Sandvik DD 321 drilling rig, the miners will drive from the slope to a cut-through with Southern air shaft, they will also perform delineation of orebody.

This summer “Bashkirskaya med” is also planning to deliver 4 LHD machines more that will serve on the Yubileynoye underground mine.