JSC “Sibkabel” ramped up metals processing by 25%.

JSC “Sibkabel” ramped up metals processing by 25%.


For the first half of 2017 “Sibkabel” (part of «Cable Alliance Holding») has processed 7.5 thousand tons of copper. This is 15.5% or 1000 tons more comparing to similar period last year. The factory processed 1.5 thousand tons of aluminum, what is 500 tons (48%) more than last year. Total increase is 25%.

In January-June of current year the enterprise fabricated 18 000 km of cable and wires. This is 10 times more than the distance from Tomsk to Ekaterinburg.

On top of the product portfolio are usually wires and cables for railway transport and oil-submersible electric pumps. In total over 11 thousand tons were issued. The issue of power-operated flexible cables increased almost twice comparing to first half of 2016. Among the spheres of cable application is construction (3.7 thousand kilometers). There is a growth in production of wires for overhead transmission line (1 021 км).

According to the assistant of operational director JSC “Sibkabel” Sergey Lipovka, a growth of processed metals volume and production of finished goods was provided by modernization of production facilities, which started last year and continued this year.

“Anytime soon we expect the delivery of wire-drawing machine from Italy, in December – a supply of catenary continuous line from Germany. For German equipment, a separate site is being prepared currently. Furthermore, we actively master fabrication of new cableware. For instance, we started to produce mining cable in colored jacket with enhanced physical and mechanical characteristics. We are working on new cable design for oil producers and energetics”, - reports Sergey Lipovka.