"Electrozink" is building a new sub-station for sulfuric plant

"Electrozink" is building a new sub-station for sulfuric plant


JSC “Electrozink” obtained a complete complex of new block-modular transformer substation with capacity of two aggregates of1600 kVA (kilovolt-ampere). Structure erection and power equipment connection to grids will be launched upon completion of construction works. Substation is expected to put into operation in 3Q 2017.

A demand for a new industrial facility arose due to sulfuric plant reconstruction and, in particular, cooling tower system renewal. According to long-term development plan, a new cooling tower of steam-power plant will be built within “Electrozink” to maintain sulfuric plant. To provide a new facility with power supply the transformer substation construction was planned. Contracting organization got down to work in April 2017. At the moment the following works are done onsite: a trench is prepared, a foundation plate is concreted, and fittings are being assembled for block substation supports. Surface area will be around around 80 m2.

“We have a hands-on experience in construction and commissioning of such substances, designed from so called sandwich panels”, said Alexander Styurz, Head of capital construction of JSC “Electrozink”. Since 2011 two of such power stations have been assembled and put into operations.

During preparatory stage, works on designing of cable lines and removal of power grids from construction area were performed. Block-modular facility is a metal structure with supports; facility walls are made from sandwich type panels of the 1-st fire resistance rating. Substation supplier is LLC “NPO” Sibelelektroshchit”(Omsk). Facility handover to supervisory authorities is planned to occur in July.

Transformer substation construction of 6А is a part of complex program on improving sanitary and epidemiological situation in Vladikavkaz for the 2nd half of 2016-2017. Investments considering cost of equipment and construction works will be about 49 mln. rub.